Lisa Parker Absinthe Cat and Green Fairy Figurine

Lisa Parker is back with her favorite black cat, as it sits on antique dressing table with removable drawer decorated with ornate detailing. The cat dons a triquetra medallion attached to a red collar. Next to the cat is Pontarlier absinthe glass, next to it is a removable Absinthe bottle willed with the potent green liquid. All the while the cat stares at the translucent green fairy as it soars out of the glass. 

Cast in the finest resin, followed by expertly hand-painted, this piece was designed and sculpted in UK.  

Item # S-40
★ Material: Resin, polystone, glass, zinc / Designed in England, manufactured in China

★ Size: approx 8.5" tall x 7.5" wide

★ Weight: 4 (lb) pounds & 7 (oz) ounces

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Absinthe Cat by Lisa Parker with Drawer

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