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Lailokens Awen Ceremonial Magic Loose Incense

We're proud to offer Sabbat Altar Sets, for when only the best will do. Lailokens Awen, is a practicing Druid and Wiccan for over 25 years. Each incense is made in the appropriate planetary day and hour and anointed for its specific purpose. All Lailokens Awen items are for ritual use and can be seen as interesting items, or items that you imbue with your own personal energy, and that colour, oil, herbal correspondences can vary by tradition.

This incense, taken from the 'Key of Solomon', is used during general magical workings to raise power and purify the ritual space. Made on the day of Jupiter and in the hour of the Sun.

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★ Organic, Handcrafted 1oz 28g


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