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Lailokens Awen Intention Stick Incense 

We're proud to offer purpose-made Incense Sticks, for when only the best will do. They are hand-dipped in Canada by Lailoken, a practicing Druid and Wiccan for over 25 years. Each incense is made in the appropriate planetary day and hour and anointed for its specific purpose.

Item # I-S01
★ Organic, hand-dipped 10 sticks warm, smoky, woody.

EARTH GODDESS -  Use as an offering to the Earth Goddess to honour her, and for fertility, nature, stability, foundations, beginnings, gain, bounty, harvests. Made on the day of and in the hour of Venus. Organic, hand-dipped 10 sticks warm, coniferous, sharp, musky.

MOON GODDESS - Use as an offering to the Moon Goddess to honour her, and for lunar rites, purification, divination and all forms of psychic work. Made on the day and in the hour of the Moon. Organic, hand-dipped 10 sticks woody, citrus.

CHAKRA BALANCING - Burn this incense to balance your Chakras and personal energy. Made on the day and in the hour of the Sun. Organic, hand-dipped 10 sticks woody, floral.

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Lailokens Awen Intention Stick Incense

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