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Gargoyle Guardian Locket - handmade by me.

Protective Locket with Gargoyle Guardian - pendant hand-crafted by me with love. Gargoyles are often see as ugly creatures who do nothing. In reality Gargoyles ward off evil spirits and presence. This little gargoyle is protective magical globes inside the stone castle locket.

Gargoyles are guardians, protectors, and they do no harm to anyone. Gargoyles are often seen as evil doers and often hide in the shadows to do this. Gargoyles have been known to step in the light for someone strongly willing to see them and have been known to bond with anyone who truly believes they are good. A Gargoyle is a creature that comes to life during the night and turns to stone during the day. They are often to be believed by many to be alive and can see through their stone exterior. Those who truly have respect for such a creature tend to bow their heads in respect and the creature often will return the respect.

Adopt this gargoyle and allow him to protect you.

★ Pendant is approximately 32mm X 39mm wide. Base is made out of brass and covered with polymer clay design.
★ Inside locket Iridescent Glass Bubbles.
★ Chain is 21" gold plated drawn cable chain.
★ Its light-weight, only 1oz.

This pendant is ready to ship in 1 day. Comes packaged in a beautiful box, perfect for gifting or safe keeping.

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Recommendations care:
- Jewelry made of polymer clay are strong, but require careful treatment.
- Do not drop them from a height.
- Crystal Stone is easily scratch, please wear with care.
- They do not like extreme heat or cold.
- Avoid contact with perfume or hairspray.
- Do not bathe in jewelry made of polymer clay.
- If necessary, wipe (pat) them with a damp soft cloth.

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