Celtic Goddess Danu Mother Earth Bronze Tea Light Candle Holder

This ancient Celtic goddess, Danu is represented as the mother of the Irish gods, known for her knowledge and wisdom, She sits cross-legged holding a tray decorated with traditional Celtic symbols. Featuring a small cut out space upon the base of the figurine perfect to fit in your favorite scented tea light candle. It makes a great gift for yourself, or for any practitioner of Earth religions.

The Celtic Goddess Danu is commonly considered the first Great Mother of Ireland, or the Divine Creator aspect of the Goddess who birthed all things into being. She is an Earth Goddess, associated with fertility, growth, abundance, agriculture, cultivation and nurturing of the land and she is a Triple Goddess able to take the form of the Maiden, Mother, or Crone.

Candle included.

Item # CH-14
★ Material: Resin, Cold Cast Bronze / Designed in England, manufactured in China
★ Size: L 4.75" x W 4.75" x H 5"
★ Weight: 2 (lb) pounds

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Celtic Goddess Danu Mother Earth Bronze Tea Light Candle Holder

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