Teresina Dark Reaper Figurine

Teresina, name of which means "The Reaper", this temptress kneels on the ground, a burning candle dancing in front of her. Her long black robe drapes from her head and pools on the dark ground. Intricate golden patters cover the fabri and are mirrored in the floral crown that is placed on her head. A pair of large black wings emerge from the back, edged in the same gold that can be found on her robes. In her hand, she cradles a golden skull, a powerfull talisman which helps her guide souls onto the afterlife. 

Cast in the finest resin, followed by expertly hand-painted, this piece was designed and sculpted in UK.  Each piece is hand painted resulting in slight differences of painted parts such as faces and such. Please allow for differences. 

Item # S-13
★ Material: Resin / Designed in England, manufactured in China

★ Size: approx 11" tall

★ Weight: 3.5 (lb) pounds

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Teresina Dark Reaper Figurine 28cm

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