GORGEOUS Big Points Smoky Amethyst Taco Stalactite Eye from Uruguay with Wooden Stand

Gorgeous unique Amethyst Taco :) with Stalactite Eye on each side. Comes with wooden stand.

Item # C-642
★ Material: High Quality Amethyst from Artigas, Uruguay
★ Dimensions: Height 4.5" x Width 4" (without stand)
★ Weight: 5 (lb) pound & 4 (oz) ounces

Listing is for 1 (one) Amethyst Piece. You will receive this exact piece.

Stalactites begin with a single drop of water, and over millions of years, the mineral deposits from thousands of drops of water build to form the beautiful eye-like formation.

Amethyst Stalactites Eyes are known for creating an ambiance of soothing vibrations, emitting calming energy, and absorbing negative energy.

Amethyst stalactite emits healing properties and connect with the third eye and crown chakras increasing clarity. Adding these crystals next your bed is said to bring clarity to the mind during your dream state., amethyst is a great crystal to place on your nightstand for better and more lucid sleep. Amethyst crystal on your desk is said to attract new opportunities
One of a Kind! With the most varied and original shapes and designs, every single one of these Amethyst Stalactite crystals will be different and unique; no two are alike. With the diversity and fascinating minerals, Stalactites are some of the hardest crystals to find in the market.

Please note that all crystals and stones may have various inclusions, chips, cracks or other markings that make each stone unique. Please refer to the photos of each item to view them prior to purchasing. These are not "defects" but are natural markings and inclusions by Mother Nature created beauties.

When photographing our crystals, although we do our best to get the best representation of the true colors of our crystals and stones, sometimes there might be a slight variation. Due to computer screen resolutions as well as lighting and photography, colors may vary slightly.

I encourage you to visit my Instagram page for more photos and videos of crystal specimens:

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GORGEOUS Big Points Amethyst Taco Stalactite Eye from Uruguay with Wooden Stand - # C-642

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