Skull Mjölnir - Thor's Hammer Necklace
Thor's Hammer, also known as Mjölnir is the legendary and fearsome weapon of Thor the Norse god of thunder and lightening, and the protector of mankind. The hammer was made by the Dwarven brothers Eitri and Brokkr.

This is an antique silver tone - weighty Thor's Hammer pendant decorated with a a trinity knot at the bottom, and stag's skull with a Valknut carved into it at the top.

Item # M-P41
★ Pendant Material: Zinc Alloy / Antique Silver Plated
★ Pendant Size: 2" tall - Double Sided
★ Chain: Stainless Steel Braided Chain 22"

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Recommendations care:
- Some creation colors may differ according to your monitor setting.
- Do not drop them from a height.
- Avoid contact with perfume or hairspray if possible.
- Do not bathe with this jewelry.
- If necessary, wipe them with a damp SOFT cloth.

Skull Mjölnir - Thor's Hammer Necklace

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