Sowilo Rune Necklace - Double Sided

The Elder Futhark consists of 24 runes divided into three groups of eight, known as an ætt (singular of ættir), which are said to be ruled over by both a god and goddess. The first ætt is ruled over by Frey and Freyja, the deities of fertility. The second ætt is ruled over by Heimdall and Mordgud, and the third and final ætt is ruled over by Tîwaz and Zisa.

SOWULO or SOWILO - Stands for - Sun
A rune of health, wealth, happiness, and contact with one's higher self. Now is the time to use the sun's energy for regeneration and reveal secrets that are hidden. Other meanings include creativity, guidance (particularly of sailors), spiritual power to resist disintegration, the light of the world, and positive, beneficial magic.

Reversed: This rune reversed warns of the possibility of carelessness or recklessness leading to ill health or danger.

Item # M-P192
★ Material: Zinc Alloy, Antique Silver Plated
★ Pendant Size: 15 x 55mm Double Sided
★ Chain Options:
   option a) Black Leather Braided Cord 22" + 2" extension
   option b) Antique Silver 3.4 x 2.9mm Rhodium Plated DAINTY (prevents from       tarnishing) Flat Cable Chain
   option d) Antique Silver 4 x 5mm Rhodium Plated BULKIER (prevents from           tarnishing) Flat Cable Chain

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Recommendations care:
- Some creation colors may differ according to your monitor setting.
- Do not drop them from a height.
- Avoid contact with perfume or hairspray if possible.
- Do not bathe with this jewelry.
- If necessary, wipe them with a damp SOFT cloth.

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SOWILO Rune Viking Necklace

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